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how to buy

It is very easy to order on this web site!


Go to our online shop, choose your specimen and the display you want to have it in. You will be able to order directly from there. 

Are you looking for a specimen that is not featured on this website? Write us!

Are you looking for a customized piece? Write us!


We're accepting payments through Paypal, bank transfer and cash. 

To pay through bank transfert or cash, choose "Offline Payment" while ordering.


You coul also visite a shop that sell Atropos's creations. 


Genève :

Les Enfants Terribles, rue Prévost-Martin 24, 1205 Genève.

Ploum, rue Ancienne 78, 1227 Carouge

Trend,  rue du Vieux-Collège 5, 1204 Genève 

Next Door Gallery, rue de l'Arquebuse 16, 1204 Genève

Vaud :

Curiosity, Rue du Grand Chêne 8 1003 Lausanne - Septembre 2017

Happypets Ink, Avenue du Tribunal-Fédéral 3, 1005 Lausanne

L'Euphorbia, Chemin des Prés Morés 4, 1315 La Sarraz

Bravo, Rue du Lac 9, 1800 Vevey



We ship worldwide. 

Packing and shiping prices (Economy)  : 

     Switzerland : CHF 15.-

     World :  40€ + customs taxes


Shipping big creations might increase shipping prices.  


You can save those charges by recovering your order in our workshop in Geneva.

Choose "at the workshop" while ordering.

Place : avoid natural or artificial direct light exposure. In general, shade emphasizes the specimen. 

Temperature : home temperature is good. Avoid heat sources such as lamps, heater, etc.


Glass Dome : sometimes, paintings and glues used in the glass dome’s making creates a transparent-white dusting on the glass. You can easily get rid of that dusting by removing the glass dome from the base and wash it with hot water and soap. Glass dome must be dry before beeing put back on the base.  

You own an insect collection that you wish to sell?

Don't hesitate to write us. We'll provide free advices and value estimation. 

A professional estimation is also possible. 

Depending of the content of the collection, we could be interested in a repurchase. 

More details (in french) :  


Pix by Aurélien Bergot © 2017

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