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Pix by Aurélien Bergot © 2017

Ron Lahyani, Atropos founder, by Aurélien Bergot © 2017

Atropos is the work of Ron Lahyani, a Lepidoptera passionate wishing to give to all the possibility to appreciate the extraordinary beauty and diversity of butterflies and other insects.


The species offered on this web site come from all around the world. They are prepared then framed or put under a glass bell in Geneva, Switzerland.  


Atropos scrupulously respects CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), which describes precisely the status of each Lepidoptera that are protected.


The team Atropos receives the insect dried up, prepares it, then frames or puts the specimen under a glass bell.

The preparation consists in giving the specimen the pose which will reveal all of its beauty: wings spread, symmetrical legs, etc. 

It is a meticulous work, requiring a great dexterity. The different items presented by Atropos are the result of hard work and dedication and the fruit of many years of practice.


We hope you will enjoy what Atropos has to offer!  

Pix by Aurélien Bergot © 2017

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